Career Prospects in Social Media

Social media is creating a new world order, and no individual, brand or government can afford to ignore the power of interacting with their varied audiences via the Web. Whether it is Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, blogs, bookmarking, business networking, online content or a search engine − there is a social media platform for everything and everyone. Places where people spend time is where brands want to be seen and heard. And yet, being visible on social media is a vastly different ballgame from advertising on TV, magazines or other traditional mediums of communication. Getting brands noticed on social media platforms requires new skills, new perspectives and an entirely different attitude to brand communication than practiced in the past. This has created a huge demand for Social Media Specialists across the world. Careers range from SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) to ORM (Online Reputation Management), SMO (Social Media Optimisation) to any role that may evolve to help brands build, track and manage their visibility and interactivity online. For those who enjoy interacting meaningfully with global audiences on social media, this career is more pleasure than work. It can also be highly rewarding as Social Media Experts can virtually make or break brands today.